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Some Important Reason Why People Are Crazy About Online Games

Games in general are not drugs or alcohol, of course. But computer games could be overwhelmingly addictive, just like all other types of addictive things. One of such incidents was at the time of angry birds game. Angry Birds is really exciting computer game and for some people it was actually just like drug. Some people even threw their phones after failing a level. It was a quite hard addiction, very phenomenal for history of games. However, even today there is a lot of people that are addictive to games, including many kids as well.

And the fact is that you cannot blame these games, because some of them are in fact quite addictive, as for instance Friv games. Yes, it is just simple mechanics, as in the case of angry birds, but also because they are just interesting and exciting, as many hundreds of these games. You will play again and again without stopping.

But why this or that game is so addictive? Well, if you want to know why, there are some reasons:

• One of the reason is if the game doesn’t have end. It just goes further on, and because simple mechanics you cannot level up. So, you are going to the end of game and...there is no end, because now you are feeling as you can do it better – to play better and better, until completing the level, which actually cannot be completed at all.

• The second thing is that games can improve social connections. This thing is common with the most of the friv games. This is encouraging for adding of friends and other people, as much as possible in order to level up.

• The third thing is reward, which you has after leveling up. Each time as you level up you have a reward. And this is quite good motivated factor for each player, because he knows always that there is reward.

• The fourth factor why computer game can be very addictive is the fact that this reward can generate power. For example such reward as power to level up simply or to increase the aesthetics of the home. Such mechanics are present in friv games, and this is important factor. Yes, to be addictive is not good. But if you know how to control yourself it would be nice thing. Just go and check friv games.

• And finally fifth factor is that people usually are not inclining to recognize that they are able to be addictive to the games just as all other people. They thing it is ok to play every time, when they want, and that there is no harm in it at all.

So, all what was said before means that you have to be careful. Don’t be addictive, and if you can control yourself, to be smitten with online games is not harmful thing. Don’t neglect you responsibilities and you can play your favorite computer games.

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