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Anca Pop lanseaza piesa care intensifica dorul flirturilor din vara

Artista predestinata muzicii pop prin talent si nume, are o poveste de viata fascinanta care ii asigura o sursa de inspiratie continua. A trait aventura vietii incepand cu varsta de 3 ani cand a fugit cu parintii ei de regimul comunist din Romania, ajungand intr-o tabara de refugiati ONU in Iugoslavia, continuand apoi drumul spre Canada unde a copilarit si si-a descoperit pasiunea pentru muzica. Ambasador al Disney World si colaboratoare de incredere a compozitorului Goran Bregovic, Anca este un izvor nesecat de ambitie si perseverenta.

Personalitatea cosmopolita a Ancai ii asigura un loc aparte in industria muzicala internationala. 

Anul 2016 a fost unul inspirational si important pentru cariera artistei, dupa ce a petrecut vara in China, Macau, unde a incantat publicul cu show-ul sau Cosmic Cocktail. Aventura ei asiatica a continuat cu spectacole de exceptie in Japonia, unde piesele sale au fost incluse in cel mai popular show de pe Netflix, "Terrace House". 

Despre piesa Anca declara :"Ring Around inseamna distractie, m-am distrat la filmarile clipului pe strazile din Macau, si am incercat sa transmit starea carefree a noptilor lejere de vara si vacanta in acest videoclip. Ring Around este soundtrack-ul flirturilor fierbinti, a serilor de distractie din cluburi, a noptilor care nu vrei sa se mai termine."

Indragostita de Asia, Anca a pregatit mai multe surprize cu suflu exotic fanilor si promite sa surprinda cu fiecare lansare. 

Recently returned from China, pop star Anca Pop is fierce about her plans and projects in 2017! 

The artist whose life has been a real adventure, is now taking her fans on musical adventures. 
Having escaped communist Romania at only 3 years old on an inflatable raft over freezing Danube, and living as a refugee in Yugoslavia for 7 months, Anca and her family moved as political refugees in Canada. 
There the young teen discovered her love of music and her life’s true calling. 

The owner of a cosmopolitan personality, Anca is making her way in the music industry with the help of catchy rhythms and beats. 
Freshly returned from Asia where she was an absolute sensation on stage, the Cosmic Girl is now ready to present her new project. 

The first single in 2017, “Ring Around” is a flirty tune that Anca considers to be the perfect soundtrack for love and lust at first sight. The artist had a lot of fun filming on the streets of Macau, and her mood is the perfect company for the single that “rings around” in the listeners memory long after the song is over. 

A visual delight, Anca’s sensual moves and her soft voice brought to life the “Ring Around” song in a way that’s going to be enjoyed in clubs, as well as in a more relaxed ambience. 

Press play and Ring Around with Anca! 

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